I’m currently developing microfluidic devices (channel and digital microfluidics) for applications in synthetic biology at the Shih microfluidics lab.

Droplet-in-channel Microfluidics

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza

They can cover kilometres underground, providing communication and nutrient exchange with plants, on such a large scale and with effects we can’t even grasp yet. Yet here it is, tiny plentiful, under my microscope.
During my Masters degree, I studied Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi, and developed a fascination for these extremely complex living fossils, that went beyond my scientific knowledge. Growing them in vitro and studying them is magical.
Next goal: combining synthetic biology and information science applied on AM: Mycoengineering. Contact me if you’re interested:)
How to save the world with mushrooms? Read this book.

Mutated Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) *R.irregularis* DAOM197198

DIY Biology


Currently working on a project at Bricobio where we are trying to improve the structural properties of bacterial cellulose biofilm by stabilizing a foreign bacteria in the community.

Bioilluminescent Beer

Or Foulbeer Green Pale Ale. In collaboration with Foulab, we’ve been brewing fluorescent beer with transformed yeast. That is nothing special… But… We’re working towards bioilluminescent beer!

For brewing, we use transformed S.cerevisiae (GFP). The plan is to make a food safe transformed yeast strain that exports proteins that can trigger bioilluminescence in low quantity. I’m currently designing the yeast expression vector (2µ plasmid origin of replication, a ColE1 element, a marker gene (E. coli), a heterologous (methanol inducible) promoter, a termination signal and alpha-factor secretion leader peptide. )

Other Ideas / Looking for collaborators

Bacterial based photography Developer, Stripper
Chicken-of-the-woods, mushroom farming
Synbio Carmine dye synthesis

DIY Lab Equipment

Selfmade centrifuge (3D printed spinner, brushless DC motor, Arduino nano), magnetic stirrer (Hard drive supermagnets, computer fan), Lab bench (polyurethane covered plywood). Thanks to Bricobio, Foulab and Helios makerspace.